Intelligence & Inspiration

New modes of communication, new challenges, a new culture… digital technology is in the process of radically changing companies and how they communicate. It’s not just using a channel, but profoundly transforming an entire system. Angie does this by performing consultancy missions for its customers, helping them to imagine new architectures, to get their heads out of the flow.

Studies, mapping and intelligence

One of the key strengths of the communications function is the ability to understand opinions, stakeholders, the market. Angie+1 works with you on listening exercises, producing reputation audits and stakeholder mapping, monitoring online opinions (intelligence alerts and analytic, qualitative and quantified intelligence), competition benchmarking, intelligence-gathering by topic or by sector, etc.

Consulting in digital transformation

The digital transformation of an organisation is the transformation of its culture. We support our customers through awareness-raising workshops for executives, managers and employees, co-production (listening exercises, benchmarking, methodologies for jointly developing strategy with teams, etc.), training, internal communications structures, etc. Digital change management goes as far as organisational re-engineering (organisation chart, job descriptions, processes, etc.). As does Angie+1.

Digital ecosystem

Whether creating a digital ecosystem from scratch or redesigning or overhauling one so that it can deal with all the issues confronting the company, this is not only one of the major challenges facing corporate communications, it is also one of the most onerous. As an integrated player in digital communications, our agency can provide you with support for reconstructing your corporate website, devising your social media strategy and producing content for your online media. And we can do all of it for you, if you’d like us to.

Consulting in editorial strategy

Editorial communications have seen more and more change, with the attention war, new narrative modes, new formats. Angie will help you redesign your media: question your combats, analyse your audiences, define the messages and look for evidence, with the ultimate aim of portraying the company to an internal or an external audience, up close or standing back, digitally or on paper, and forging the links that will enable it to exist in its ecosystem of stakeholders.

Consulting in social media strategy

Companies award themselves an average score of 2.7/5 as far as maturity in social media is concerned, according to the survey we conduced with Occurrence (Social Media and Communications Managers: the state of play in 2015). So there is work to be done, we’re glad to say! Since 2011, Angie+1, the Angie group company specialising in social media, has been helping its customers grow in the social spaces of the web: consulting, training, community management, e-reputation, etc. The Angie+1 team share their knowledge and act as a sparring-partner, optimising your strategy to obtain better results if you are a mature player, or quite simply putting your strategy and organisation in place if you are not.