Narrative experiences

To help you succeed in the “attention war”, Angie offers your stakeholders exclusive narrative experiences combining high-quality, original content, high audience stats, a constant interplay between form and substance, and a balance between reason and emotion.

Contracted information agencies

Managed by cross-media programme directors, our dedicated teams incorporate profiles that are generally kept apart: journalists and photographers, art directors, infographics designers, front developers. We make the most innovative workflows and tools available to our customers.

Cross-media campaigns

Covering themes such as diversity, safety, empowerment and digital transformation, Angie designs and produces cross-media packages combining information, dialogue and action. With command of all contact points (web, networks, print, etc.), we can guarantee the effective running of cross-media packages and deliver a wide audience.

Sites and applications

Multi-device digital platforms designed, produced and operated by Angie and its subsidiary, Octave & Octave, who have a shared belief in UX. Our ambition is to build digital experiences meeting corporate, B2B and B2C challenges and driven by a constant interplay of form and substance, the pleasure of high-quality content, the latest web technologies and a preoccupation with audience.

Quality publications

In the global context of a proliferation of content and solicitation, publications are a way of getting your head out of the flow and creating a strong relationship, something that is becoming an increasingly rarity. A disruptive annual report, a Yearbook to break away from the ambient information overload, a locbal magazine, Angie enables you to stand out through quality and to provide premium content for your target audiences.

Rich media content

Angie Lab is the agency’s digital storytelling studio, which designs and produces cutting-edge narrative experiences. A range of innovative formats, including motion design films using real images or animation, digital experience in scrollytelling and immersive experience in virtual reality, are employed to serve the story effectively. Angie Lab brings together talents stemming from a wide range of backgrounds: fiction, documentaries, comic books, journalism, video games, web design, etc.

Webmastering (contribution and editorial management)

Angie meets your needs for “one-off” content migration if you redesign your website, providing highly responsive teams and high-quality site-testing, as well as your long-term needs, taking responsibility for ongoing editorial management. We operate internet and intranet with the potential to function 24/7, using a duty roster, to manage the flow of content, but also producing and monitoring it (traffic management, SEO, etc.) in order to constantly optimise audiences.