Verbal identities

In the context of the digital revolution which has propagated channels of expression and opportunities for making public statements, good governance of your “language capital” (a crucial strategic asset for companies but a resource that tends to be underused or squandered) has come to take on the greatest importance. To differentiate yourself, score points and exert influence intelligently, it’s no longer enough to worry about visual identity alone.

Verbal identity audit and mapping

We carry out verbal identity audits using exclusive analysis software which enables us to measure and map our customers’ semantic profiles objectively, comparatively (by benchmarking) and in detail – for their general language as well as for language tailored to variable targets (executives, B2B, B2C, etc.). We also use data to carry out semantic inventories of specific key themes (such as “innovation”, for instance).


Consulting in verbal strategy

Our verbal identity consulting leads to the constitution of tailor-made verbal identity platforms (corporate or brand identity, or a specific theme such as the language of R&D). Because their content has been compared with strategic objectives, to needs in the field and to the real conversations of targets, as well as to the company’s other “languages” (design, graphic, visual, etc.), and because they are generously illustrated by written examples and are rich in “verbal images” (metaphors and narrative threads), they are useful, easy to appropriate and an extremely rich resource.

  • Union des Industriels
  • Galderma

Quality writing

Because a verbal identity only becomes meaningful for others when it is embodied in authentic speech and evocative narrative texts, our top writers bring it alive and put it to use in stories, talking points, manifestos, white papers, sensitive material, etc.

  • Europa city

Support and training

We support our customers in optimising the management of their verbal identities: definition of content strategies to enable intelligent and efficient roll-out; monitoring committees; writing workshops with training in rapidly adopting the verbal identity codes in the context of employee-ambassadors (impact on influence and reputation); monitoring through data analysis to update the semantic universes occupied, if necessary.

  • Union des Industriels