We empower content by combining new skills that are usually dispersed: monitoring and consulting, verbal identities, narrative experience, audience and engagement. Thanks to our customers’ confidence, we have been able to reinvent our business.

We enable our customers to be better understood and appreciated for what they are through increasingly demanding judgements that seek to combine proof
and dialogue.

This is what we mean by positive content: it appeals simultaneously to the head and to the heart, altering representations and seeking to create new relationships between companies and their audiences.

Today, we are the leading editorial agency in France.

In conjunction with our associates, we are more than able to invent and reinvent all the offers that are needed to achieve the ambition of transformation.

We are an agency of 135collabs people, all eager to learn and grow.


Every day, they share new ideas or update old ones. They are looking for a new world, but are able to keep their distance from fashions, ideologies and pointless innovations. We are at one and the same time moderates and precursors, analytical and agile, premium and economical. We’re happy to make our lives more complicated if it helps make yours easier.