Soon Soon Soon joins the Angie group

Soon Soon Soon enables companies and their talents to explore and build their future. In the last five years this “innovation detector” has created a 370,000-strong ecosystem of subscribers, taking account of all channels (social networks, newsletter), and 1,700 spotters who scout innovations in 15 countries.

From its database of 8,000 lifestyle innovations, each described and analysed, Soon Soon Soon inspires its readers and customers through talks, showroom displays and training sessions and supports companies in activating an innovation stance within its teams by establishing internal communities.

Company founder Alexis Botaya, a graduate of AgroParisTech engineering school and Sciences-Po Paris, said: “Angie will make it easier for us to access French and international companies and to impose our guiding principle: cease ‘innovation washing’ (all talk and little proof) and focus instead on genuine concrete engagement.

The acquisition of Soon Soon Soon broadens Angie’s content offer and strengthens its expertise in “engaging communication”, which more than informing stakeholders, spurs them to take positive action.