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Content room

Organisation of flows, effectiveness of messages, coordination of communications networks, production of content, etc. It now needs to be orchestrated in a content room.

Organisation through a content room allows you to ensure the consistency of messages and the speed that is necessary for them to be delivered.

We can operate at several levels:

  • proposing an organisational methodology to structure content production;
  • devising and designing content formats that will structure how your channels are run;
  • training your teams so that they can become autonomous and producing content expressed through new narrative forms (motion, videos, visual content);
  • putting in place tools that support your various workflows (content management);
  • defining the performance indicators needed for evaluation of your set-up;
  • distributing content and managing media activation to boost performance.

Virgile J
Associate Director Angie+1

Stanislas H
Associate director Angie Engage

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