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Employee advocacy

Employees are ambassadors for the company! It may not be a new idea, but it’s taken on a new dimension since the emergence of social networks. So how do you develop employee advocacy without manipulating employees and avoiding “parroting”? Angie+1 is a pioneer in the field, supporting many of its customers in setting up their “ambassador experience”.

The potential of employee advocacy in organisations is vast and the topic is fascinating.

Whether it is supporting the company’s reputation, the employer brand or the business (social selling), it has to be thought about at every level of the company:

  • firstly, involving employees known to be enthusiastic and active users of social media, of course;
  • but also senior executives and leaders, who require precise and expert support in the logic of thought leadership;
  • as well as all employees, by revising the social media guidelines so that they encourage rather than restrain.

After the “tools” phase (which primarily consists of setting up content sharing platforms), employee advocacy enters into its “cultural” phase.

This brings us back to the question of employee engagement in general and to the need to give people experiences rather then simply force-feeding them content. This explains the notion of “ambassador experience favoured by Angie+1.

Employee advocacy must increasingly take account of ambassadors’ social network use profiles, and offer them suitable roles and experiences: experts, messengers, lookouts, recruiters, reporters, etc. This “persona”-based approach takes our ambassador programmes into new territory.

With new approaches, strategies, experiences, content and forms of support, employee advocacy will go on reinventing itself!

François G
Associate Director Angie+1

Virgile J
Associate Director Angie+1

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