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Integrated reporting

The annual report is one of the company’s most powerful statements of the year, involving financial, corporate and CSR communications, sometimes business communications. At Angie, we believe that it’s also a unique opportunity to engage all the stakeholders behind the purpose of the company.

From annual report to purpose report

Company annual reports have undergone a radical change in the last few years.

No longer really a report, it expresses the identity of the company; its contribution to society and to the environment, its purpose. And it does this using all the narrative means available to it. Numbers, of course, but also models inspired by integrated reporting, written, oral and visual storytelling, etc.

No longer really annual, it goes beyond the scope of the financial year to offer a long-term vision of the issues and challenges that lie in store for the company. It covers strategic themes that will provide material for all the company’s discourse over a period of time.

No longer really focused on the company, it has room for contributions from its stakeholders – employees, shareholders, partners, customers, etc. – and appeals to new audiences and communities. Sa médiatisation is now almost as important as its design in attracting the support of the allies of tomorrow.

Elsa P
Strategic planning vice-director

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