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Internal communications

A function shared between the Communications and HR departments, sometimes struggles to be defined. At Angie, we see it as the art of conversation between a company’s senior executives and its employees for sharing a project or a culture, and engaging those of them who would like to, and are able to, transmit it.

A challenge to internal communications

It is vertical, but should be horizontal. It avoids differentiation, but should appeal to people who are proud of their singularity. Its scope is strictly restricted to those with employment contracts, but we advocate opening it up to other categories of human resources – freelances, alumni, start-ups – in which groups are investing more and more massively.

It needs to “pivot” (in the terminology of the new economy)


In the first place, through a defence and illustration of the company’s purpose (89% of young people would like to work on projects that have an impact on society).

Secondly, by training employees and managers to instil a culture, tools and methods that encourage autonomy, creativity and collaboration.

And thirdly, by refusing to allow communications targeting employees to be lost in the amorphous mass of stakeholder communications, by preserving specific content and interfaces.

Stanislas H
Associate director Angie Engage

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