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New dot-coms

A place for cohesion in a fragmented world, a company’s website now tends to become a unified experience of the company. It gives an opportunity to bring together all the components of the brand – corporate, business, employer – to create a singular brand expression. As a response to audiences who are themselves seeking coherence and meaning.

The site expresses the company… as well as its project.

One foot in reality, the other in fantasy. The company flagship, a dot-com is no longer a fixed reflection of the organisation, but reflects real questions asked by stakeholders. Sites have to be kept updated in the light of these concerns, affirming a vision of the world and a means of contributing to it that makes it accessible to all: on the one hand, clear and transparent information; on the other, storytelling that inspires visitors to take action, to engage.

Destinations in themselves as much as gateways, dot-com websites have shaken off their corporate shackles to connect with their aux audiences’ experience and give them reasons to (re)visit. In touch with issues facing the planet, with meaningful questions and with the shared values of communities, it is legitimate to create programmes of high added-value content. A hub standing at the crossroads, a dot-com site is a hub that has become a destination in itself while also opening doors on the whole of the company’s digital ecosystem.

All in all, in a world where everything is a hybrid, the dot-com site is there to join things up and make connections: between future and present, purpose and initiatives, emotional and factual, and so on, for audiences who define themselves outside of corporate and business silos. The dot-com process becomes as important as the result. By getting everyone round the table, it works to provide cohesion between teams; the company’s visions and its audiences’ aspirations. Along with strategy, editorial content, UX and design.

Yann G
Operations Director

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