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Greater diversity of businesses, more varied and more widely spread range of speakers, audiences and channels operating in silos, disconnect from the expectations of audiences... Although companies are communicating more and more, their messages often lack clarity and impact. By turning the company’s purpose into an editorial programme, the storyline breathes new life into corporate communications and makes them more coherent.

The storyline is a methodology designed by Angie to support communications departments in putting the purpose into action.

The storyline provides a structure for when the company is speaking about its purpose – or common contributions if a purpose has not been formulated – to facilitate in-house ownership and improve dialogue with stakeholders with a view to encouraging support.

It is built on three pillars:

  • one story, clarifying the key messages that the company wants to address to its audiences over time;
  • one strategy, defining and addressing topics and key messages to the most relevant audiences and channels to inform and engage dialogue, an approach that calls for detailed knowledge of the uses and expectations of stakeholders;
  • one program, identifying possible moments and targets (Group, business units, brands, employees, etc.) in order to schedule their contributions and make them autonomous in the event of unforeseen incidents or possible crises.

Together, these three elements provide communications departments with a clear agenda for recounting and enhancing the purpose and bringing it to life on a day-to-day basis.

Each of these phases is prepared in close collaboration with our customers.

After a first stage of analysis and recommendations carried out at the agency, we organise participative workshops. Using methods borrowed from design thinking and facilitating, we help teams to create the communications strategy they will adopt. At the end of each step, we give the communications team a deliverable enabling them to take concrete action.

Elsa P
Strategic planning vice-director

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