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Internal communications — Turn your company into a corporate gallery!

When we talk about content distribution, we too easily neglect the premises, the actual walls of the company. But they constitute a high-impact push medium, rather like a magazine or newsletter, because they form part of employees’ everyday lives. Exhibitions are a fully-fledged medium that can be used to rally and engage employees, whether through the sharing of pride (breakthroughs, positive portrayals of employee or stakeholder communities, etc.), or as a tool of informative or instructive communications that can function as a one-shot or as a year-long campaign [Fig. ]

[Fig. ] The stakeholders gallery at L'Oréal

It combines several advantages :

  • It incorporates the corporate message into employees’ daily lives and helps encourage buy-in (mediation).
  • It makes content previously reserved for a limited audience available to everyone (an exhibition derived from an annual report, for instance, makes it possible to provide a large number of employees with content often reserved for shareholders).
  • It creates links between group content and local realities: in the case of an exhibition designed by Communications at Head Office, for example, additional panels can be added with supplementary local content, turning it into a glocal campaign.
  • It can be achieved at low cost (approx. 10 panels compared to the cost of printing a brochure, creating a mini-site, etc.).
  • [Fig. ]
    [Fig. ] The stakeholders gallery at L'Oréal

As with all media, it is necessary to work in 4 dimensions at the same time :

1/ Issuer (corporate dimension): by questioning the stance to be taken according to the communications strategy.

2/ Receiver (audience dimension): by defining audiences, recognising their heterogeneous nature according to their levels of knowledge and their practices. Why not create a series of generic panels along with others that are more specific to the venue (more visual and informative for production sites, etc.)?

3/ Effect on audiences (communicational dimension): by working on actions generated by the content and ways of boosting them. Why not link an exhibition campaign on a strategic topic with an online learning module (quiz, self-administered test)?

4/ Design and production (technical dimension) : first defining the overall scenario of the exhibition, then adapting the content for several levels of reading (a first level to scan the panel rapidly, a second level for reading in depth). [Fig. ]

[Fig. ] The stakeholders gallery at L'Oréal

In addition, an exhibition offers an opportunity to create an in-house event for the launch. And it can promote live content, generating encounters and conversations and giving individuals the chance to share content with which they identify. [Fig. ]

[Fig. ] The stakeholders gallery at L'Oréal
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