Our purpose is to obtain informed support from stakeholders for the purposes of our customers and for the necessary compromises between market logic and company logic. Angie clearly had to make three commitments: to satisfy its customers and employees through the ISO 9001:2015 standard to minimize its carbon impact through the ISO 14001 standard; and to promote equal opportunities for students through its foundation.

Our commitments under ISO 9001:2015

This standard is based on a certain number of quality management principles, particularly strong customer orientation, the motivation and engagement of all employees, process approach and continuous improvement. ISO 9001:2015 helps to ensure that customers are provided with a constant quality of products and services and that all the most skilled employees are retained in the long term.

On a concrete level, satisfaction is measured:

by two annual barometers – for employees and customers – conducted by independent institutes

In 2018, our customers gave us an average score of 3.1 out of 4, and while employees were critical about remuneration, 89% said they were proud to work for Angie, 88% enjoy coming to work every morning and 94% share Angie’s values (Perseverance, Curiosity, Comradeship).

by a systematic self-assessment process by employees at the conclusion of each mission.

by two annual self-assessments carried out be each employee and discussed and signed off with their n+1.

Our CSR commitments

Angie is ISO 14001 certified. The company is demonstrating its concern for setting up a production, management and operational system that integrates the control of environmental impact in a dynamic perspective.

In 2019:

  • 100% of the environmental impact of our activities and services is controlled;
  • Consumption of electricity and eco-labelled paper have been maintained at their previous level;
  • No acts constituting local nuisance occurred;
  • 100% of our printers are ISO 14001 certified;
  • 100% of our sites and digital platforms are compliant with general accessibility guidelines;
  • Angie is progressively coming into compliance with the GDPR circular and has appointed an independent data consultant;
  • 2019 index of gender equality – Angie SAS 99/100.

The Angie corporate foundation

The Angie corporate foundation promotes equal opportunities for school-leavers to enable them to access the best training programmes in professions practised by Angie. In 2018, six students at the Ecole W (degree course in journalism) had their tuition fees paid. The foundation will step up its actions over the coming years in pursuit of its purpose of supporting, financing and carrying out any mission of an educational, social, cultural or philanthropic nature, particularly with a view to promoting, helping, developing and encouraging access for young people, particularly those in need, to new professions in design and communications.