All those who are passionate, humanly speaking, the collaborators.

  • Emilie C
    Project director

  • Lucas M
    Graphic designer

  • Adrien D
    Junior Art Director

  • Victoria C
    Content Consultant

  • Carole P
    Head of the correction department

  • Eric C
    Chief excecutive officer

  • Mathieu D
    Full stack developer

  • Pierre-Vincent H
    Project manager

  • Coralie C
    Digital consultant

  • Yann L
    Lead designer

  • Michele G
    Administrative and purchase manager

  • Yann G
    Operations Director

  • Elise P

  • Marc L
    Senior interactive designer

  • Claire S
    Junior consultant

  • Tristan G
    Senior content manager

  • Douglas G
    Digital strategist

  • Darius B
    Opinion Data Intelligence consultant

  • Frédéric L
    Art director

  • Alexandre C
    Recruitment Officer

  • Thierry H
    Branding expert

  • Kathleen M
    Web developer

  • Victoria B
    Senior consultant

  • Christophe G
    Creative director

  • Anne G
    Senior Consultant

  • Dung L
    Web developer

  • Virgile J
    Associate Director Angie+1

  • Isadora C
    Content strategist

  • Constance W
    Consulting director

  • Karine N
    General accoutant

  • Laurence M

  • Marion Q

  • Laurent-Cédric V
    Angie content chief executive officer

  • Delphine C
    Senior content manager

  • Marion A
    Project manager

  • Oriane F
    Marketing and communication officer

  • Pauline S
    Project manager

  • Camille M
    Confirmed content consultant

  • Angie is hiring