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OPS (Opinion, Personalities and Strategy) is a consultant in communications strategy, crisis communications and litigation communications for business leaders, companies and personalities.

Products & Service

Supporting business leaders and companies in their personal and corporate communications; anticipating and managing crisis situations and handling crisis communications; defining and implementing communications policies to back up a litigation strategy.

Support for business leaders

Personal communications strategy for senior executives, structuring of messages, media training.

Support for companies

Strategy in corporate communications, influence communications, reputation management.

Construction of strategy

Introducing processes, structuring of messages, anticipating crises.

Operational support

Management of press relations, reputation management, real-time adaptation of strategy.

Press relations

Explanation of the litigation strategy to the media, organising contacts and statements to appear in the press.

Elaboration of messages

Writing communications release, preparation of press conferences, media training.

Support for the audience

Presence, monitoring, strategy and treatment of journalists.


Reputation management, online influence, right to be forgotten.

Strategic consulting

Anticipation, preparation and stakeholders management during companies key lifetime moments


Building of influence strategy and activation of opinion leadership

Germain G
Opinion, leaders and strategies department director

Clara P Z
Opinion, Leaders and Strategies department director

Simon L
Opinion, leaders and strategies department director


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