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+1 is the symbol of alliance. Since 2011, we have helped our customers develop their community strategy… with our expertise in social media strategy, as a pioneer in employee advocacy, and working with a “new school” vision of influence, both online and offline.

Products & services

Social media strategy

How can you make the most of your social media ecosystem? Angie+1 provides you with consulting, training and operational implementation, through to paid campaigns.

Social content

A picture paints a thousand words: we design formats that generate attention, whether for the corporate brand or the employer brand.

Social rooms

Livestreams, interaction, flow, image: social rooms enable you to achieve digital maturity. With its triple expertise – in change, organisation and profession – Angie+1 will help you set them up and provide a dedicated project team.

Community management

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram: our expert teams of community managers will turn your pages into places of engagement.


The service that gives you peace of mind about Wikipedia: monitoring, continuous updating, recommendations and reporting on all your pages (group, executives, subsidiaries, brands, products, etc.).

Ambassador experience

Our approach: define ambassador personas and offer them a genuine experience, whether “real life” or digital, to encourage their activity and their engagement, and make the most of advocacy tools.

Ambassador coaching

Angie+1 designs and leads the training programmes and moocs that your ambassadors need, whether on social media, influence, leadership or video.

Digital leadership of executives

Support for executives in their thought leadership: social network coaching, ghost-writing of op-ed articles, management of their profiles, influence tactics.

Social media guidelines

Design or re-design engaging internal communications for all your employees which will make them want to share.

RP next gen

To build a following, we have to update traditional PR logic. Community-based segmentation, fact-checks, online and offline mix and digital culture are key concepts.

Community building

Angie+1 supports you in maintaining sustainable relations with online and offline communities that rely content and experience on an ad hoc basis: printed and digital deliverables, live operations, networking, etc.

Opinion campaigns

Like our relations, our campaigns, are hyper-targeted. We bring to bear all the resources of the agency: insights, creation, influence, paid campaigns, coverage in traditional media.

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