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Content influence — Three levers

Between social platform algorithms and information overload, how should we respond to our desire to design content strategies that achieve an effect? Being seen or heard by your audiences is a genuine challenge when you have so many messages to communicate.

The obvious solution is media: all you need to do is sponsor the content. As with advertising strategies, you pay for views. But when the campaign ends, nothing is left. It is not so simple, not so effective, but it is quite expensive.

We have a different idea. To achieve a better, longer lasting and less expensive performance, you have to sign up to a the concept of influence and make it the first driver of activation. Influence first, but not influence alone! The tactic that empowers content is combining influence with the concepts of Paid and Owned activation.

Our 3 levers for content influence

Have influential topics

It’s reassuring, but it’s also the first point: the topics treated must have real potential for influence. It’s demanding, but it’s one of the levers that will significantly bring down the cost of reach. The article will be interesting if it is ultra-targeted, ultra-relevant and ultra-different. Let’s change mindset and really focus on the interest of the audiences we’re addressing. It’s not only more effective, it also means greater credibility in corporate or B2B contexts.

Commit to the co-creation of influence

Next comes “power inside” or “influence inside”. By involving influential personalities in the production of articles, the potential of content is increased. These influencers are far from being the YouTube or Instagram stars so coveted by big brands and advertising agencies. The idea is a lot more subtle, more relevant, and relies more on a certain soft power. Our own in-house experts, as well as specialists from outside the company, are invited to co-design the content. Sometimes they are simply interviewees, sometimes they author articles; by authoring or co-authoring content, they are visible and are part of the process of engagement with targeted communities.

Targeting influential audiences

For the final lever, it is important not to be limited to influence but to combine extremely accurate media activation with very carefully targeted distribution in the ecosystem. Through media, we can ensure that our content will definitely be in the hands of allied audiences: when they engage they will go on to expose us to their own circle of influence.

Influencers are accurately mapped, then targeted by the media plan: ROI guaranteed. The Holy Grail, of course, is to interact not as a community manager, but as a community builder, who will enrich the relationship through discussion and the pleasure of exchanging.

Finally, to prolong the effect and in particular to build the image sustainably, this content has to aim for the heart of the digital ecosystem and not simply cause ephemeral effects on social media platforms.

The content enriches the company’s dot-com site in a corporate strategy, as the hub of an inbound B2B strategy, for instance. It will provide essential bricks, worked in conjunction with the search tactic, to boost SEO performance.

Thus POE (Paid, Owned, Earned) is a lever that is no longer independent or activated in a silo, but is combined with others around a real tactic of influence to serve the power of content.