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Digital Leadership — CEOs speak out… with a purpose

Our annual study of the digital leadership of CEOs is back for its 2019 edition and shows one thing first: the bosses at the top of the ranking have a cause, a fight, a purpose.

Patrick Pouyanné, the new leader in our rankings, believes that it is the responsibility (and in the interest) of Total to battle against climate change.

Emmanuel Faber, who comes second, has become the epitome of a “crusading” boss ever since he gave a rousing speech at the HEC business school.

Isabelle Kocher, who holds onto her place in the top three, has set herself the goal of making ENGIE the leader of the energy transition.

The idea of bringing a purpose to life and of sharing and explaining it makes complete sense when CEOs are able to express themselves in digital space, unfiltered, directly to their internal and external stakeholders.

Exercising digital leadership often supports a purpose. Communications by CEOs has become avast and fascinating area.

More and more of them are joining in, with greater maturity and greater impact: the trend is clear and is borne out by the 2019 survey, the results of which you will see.

This is all the more so because there is now an effect of genuine expectation attached to the declarations of CEOs.

What’s more, a recent Harris Interactive survey1 shows that half of Internet users consider they have been positively influenced by the tweet of a CEO.

Chance or coincidence? We don’t think so.

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